Crossroads of Twilight: Plot Summary

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Author: Toral Delvar

In Arad Doman, Rodel Ituralde hatches a plot to defeat Seanchan invaders, by using Taraboners to draw them out. Rhadam Asunawa realizes the Whitecloaks are united with the Seanchan by their hatred of Aes Sedai and is willing to sacrifice the Whitecloaks if it will lead to the destruction of the Tower, something he tries to draw Valda on. He would be willing to use damane for this.

Deira Bashere and Dobraine are both attacked, Dobraine almost killed, presumably by men looking for the remaining seals. Loial and Karldin arrive, looking for Rand. Samitsu is surprised that Karldin doesn't submit to her. Logain decides to do something about Taim and takes men and Aes Sedai to the Sun Palace to try and find Rand. From there he Travels with Samitsu, who feels discontent at having her authority usurped by Sashalle, to meet Rand, who isn't pleased by his bonding Aes Sedai and says it must stop. He tells Rand that Taim is a traitor and has named several of those loyal to Rand as traitors, but Rand decides that Taim must wait. He sends Logain with Bashere and Loial to arrange a truce with the Seanchan. Min sees Logain's aura of glory stronger than ever. Bashere returns to say they will do it, but only if Rand is there in person, to meet Suroth and the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

The Black Ajah hunters in the White Tower are forced to go slowly until they can get the only known Black sister on her own. They are puzzled by the premature raising of many of the replacement Sitters and the fact that it seems the Ajah heads conspired in it. Katerine arrives outside Tar Valon at the same time as Tarna and both demand passage into the city. Gawyn no longer feels obligated to the Tower as they tried to have him and the Younglings killed and have abandoned them, but not all the Younglings share his views. He learns from Tarna that Elayne supports the rebels. Alviarin returns from Tremalking and sees rats about the Tower, a sign of wards failing. She learns that Elaida has survived the knowledge of the debacle at Dumai's Wells and the loss of sisters sent to destroy the Black Tower. She is told she is no longer Keeper. She notices Talene look to Yukiri and Doesine before keeping silent when the Green is asked a question. Elaida tells her how much she looks forward to her execution when sufficient proof has been found. She uses a device to contact Mesaana to tell her this. Mesaana is unimpressed and decides to punish her before Shaidar Haran arrives and puts a stop to all chaneling, showing Mesaana's true face. She announces she will kill Alviarin for this, but Shaidar Haran forbids it, announcing he is the Dark One and briefly casting off his Myrddraal form. He puts a mark of protection on Alviarin and tells her to find those who threaten the Black Ajah. She decides to start with Talene.

Tarna visits Pevara and after mentioning Pevara's unusual views suggests that the only way to control Asha'man is to bond them and that the Reds will be the only ones willing to do it. Pevara reveals to her that Asha'man have already bonded those sent to destroy them, saying this will change the world

Perrin learns that Masuri and Annoura have being meeting with Masema although doesn't know why. Berelain stops hunting him, but is content to let everyone else believe that she still is. She tells him of a letter Masema had from Suroth and that her thief-takers who obtained it are missing. They discover the Shaido camp but that it is too large to attack and possibly has up to five hundred Wise Ones in it. Masema sends them to a town where the dead are walking and corruption and decay are rife. He discovers a large pack of Darkhounds, though not hunting him. He stops the futile torture of a captured Shaido and instead chops off his hand and threatens to do the same to his other limbs and leave him to force him to talk, but learns little. Tallanvor informs him that the Seanchan are also hunting the Shaido and he decides to align with them to get him back.

In the Shaido camp, Faile plots her escape and continues to spy on Sevanna. Galina informs Sevanna that Faile has kept a weapon. Lacile and Arrela, two of Cha Faile whose escape was helped by Bain and Chiad are retaken. Aravine pledges fealty to Faile. Rolan takes a liking to her and she believes he may help her escape.

Elayne Travels around, gathering support from minor Houses before Dyelin brings the High Seats of four of the larger Houses she needs to pledge allegiance to her. Careane and Merilille talk of their disapproval of Hanlon while Sareitha talks of how great he is. She makes a bargain with Zaida, giving her a square mile of Andor in return for fourteen Windfinders to open gateways and keep Caemlyn supplied while the siege goes on. Merilille is to go with them, but she flees first, taking one of the apprentices with her.

Arymilla keeps Elenia, Naean and Nasin hostage to force their support, though Elenia plans her escape and revenge. Hanlon plots the murder of everyone.

Mat and Tuon get to know each other. She asks if he remembers Artur Hawkwing’s face and he denies it. He learns the Windfinder he freed had freed others and many people died for it. He learns Tylin is dead. He struggles with Egeanin for control until Tuon strips her of her nobility and promises Mat that she will not try and escape. Rendra is keen to use the a'dam again on the Aes Sedai with them, but Bethamin is resigned to the fact that they will not. Mat forbids it. Rendra tries to kill Egeanin before fleeing to keep the secret that she can be made damane, which Egeanin is forced to reveal. Rendra is killed to stop her contacting a Seanchan patrol. Tuon forbids Mat from mourning. Mat learns that by claiming that Tuon is his wife three times, he has completed his half of the Seanchan marriage ceremony. Mat and Tuon play a game where he buys her gifts but doesn't give her them. Setalle takes a liking to Tuon, who herself takes a liking to Olver. She gives Luca a guarantee of safety and a list offering protection to most of the people she has been with, except Mat.

In the group besieging the Tower, Egwene has people turning iron into cuendillar, for practice and to provide funds and is exerting more authority over the Hall. Delana is trying to cause trouble and insisting Elaida should be named Black. Keepings have been failing and food has been rotting. The sisters sworn to her have become her official council. Most of the Sitters who were Sitters when they fled are pressing to negotiate, so Egwene allows this, on the condition they insist on Elaida's resignation and exile. Elaida meanwhile is insisting that the Blue is disbanded and all the rebels are no longer members of any Ajah. Sitters return from where the taint was cleansed and report that Shadar Logoth is no longer there and that saidin was used, prompting them to assume it was the Forsaken. An alliance with the Asha'man is approved, much to the disgust of the original Sitters. Lelaine later suggests bonding them, modifying the bond to allow them to be compelled. Egwene foolishly believes Rand to be doing similar but still refuses. She tells Romanda of the plans for the Kin, but she is not interested, insisting she will die as Aes Sedai. Sharina takes on much of the responsibility of ensuring the novices do as they should, to the bemusement and annoyance of various Aes Sedai. Nicola disappears and Anaiya and Kairen Sedai are murdered by Aran'gar, who is continuing to give Egwene headaches. Egwene converts the harbor chain to cuendillar before being betrayed and caught by Tower Aes Sedai.

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