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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Corana is a Maiden of the Spear who follows Rand. She has gray hair and a leathery face. She treats Rand like an older brother (ACoS, Ch. 7). When Rand visits Caemlyn to speak to Davram Bashere and Bael, he goes disguised as a prisoner. Corana hands him a hooded cloak to wear. When she learns of the Seanchan having taken the Shaido Wise Ones prisoner, she is angry that Rand continues to fight the Shadow instead of declaring blood oath against them (TGS, Ch. 15).


"Rand al Thor's duty as Car'a'carn is much greater than his duty to the Wetlanders. He must lead us to glory." (to Amys and Aviendha, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 15)