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Yellow Bits and Bobs

Yellow Quotes

Without us, you'd be dead ~ Anonymous Yellow

"Being of the Yellow isn't about skill, child", Suana said. "It's about passion. If you love to make things well, to fix that which is broken, there would be a purpose for you here." ~ The Gathering Storm, Chapter 12

Yellow Facts

Why Yellows and tea are so closely associated

The Purple Canister: no one knows what's really in it, but we all know one thing: do not drink that tea!!

Chocolate: another great love of the Yellows. It's the first and most important question a Guest needs to answer: are you on the Milky or Dark Side?

RaoY: strange things are happening in the Novice Quarters... Citizens get the feeling they're being followed in the streets... Was that a piece of Yellow fringe disappearing behind that street corner? No one really knows for sure...

Yellow Poem

Translated by Nyavene al'Meer

It has been said that one day
all mankind's Emotions and traits met.
For a long time, they just silently sat and became bored
because nothing was happening.
As boredom yawned for the third time,
Insanity recklessly and jokingly suggested:
"How about a game of hide and seek?"
Everyone perched up their ears.
Intrigue curiously lifted its eyebrows and
Curiousity could barely contain herself.
Excitedly she asked:" Hide and Seek? What is that?"

Insanity then laid out the game
and Excitement and Euphoria kidded ecstatically
because they liked the sound of what they were hearing.
Joy leaped into the air so often
that even doubt was won over
and even Indifference -
who usually couldn't be enticed to anything
wanted to join for once.

But not everybody liked the idea.
The Truth for example preferred not to hide
"What's the point?" she asked, "I shall be found in the end no matter what"
Pride looked down on everybody else and said it was a stupid game
(but in truth he was mad that he had not thought of it first)
Cowardice preferred not to risk it
Since anything could go wrong!

After all had understood the game rules,
Insanity loudly said " I want to seek! I want to seek!"
And since no one was crazy enough to want to search for Insanity
(who knows where he would have hid)
No one was against the idea.
"one, two, three...." Insanity began counting
and all the emotions and traits sought hiding places.

The first to find a hiding place was Laziness
As per-usual he did not put in any effort
and just let himself drop behind the first rock he saw.
Belief swept up to heaven, where it felt most at home
and envy hid in the shadow of triumph,
who had managed to climb to the highest treetop.
Selflessness though could barely hide
for every place she found,
she thought was better suited for a friend.:
A crystal clear lake- was a wonderful place for Beauty
A dark cave- the perfect place for fear
the wings of a butterfly- ideal for luck
a passing breeze - brilliantly suitable for freedom.....
She herself then finally hid behind a ray of sunshine.

Egoism naturally quickly found a fitting place
airy, comfortable and homely -- But only for himself!
Deceit told all she would hide on the bottom of the sea
but in truth she hid behind the rainbow!
Passion and longing hid inside a volcano
And forgetfulness-?
(Oh gee, I have forgotten where she hid, but that is not so important)

As Insanity was almost done counting
all had found a place to hide
except for love.
(This should not surprise us as we know how hard it is to hide love)
All places seemed to be taken
until she finally found a rosebush
and decided to hide within it.

At that moment Insanity called out: "I'm Coming!"
and began to seek the others.
The first that was found was Laziness-
right behind the first stone in sight.
After that Belief was found:
He was having a heated theological discussion with God
Longing and Passion in turn could be heard vibrating in the volcano.

In an inattentive moment Insanity found envy
and so also triumph.
Egoism didn't need to be sought at all,
for he came out of his hiding place all by himself,
as it turned out to be a wasps nest.
From all the strenuous walking Insanity was thirsty,
and as he neared the lake, there he found beauty.
To find doubt was even simpler.
he found him sitting on a fence
since he could still not decide
which side of the fence to hide on.

As time went by Insanity found all his playmates.
Hope in the green grass
and fear in the dark cavern,
deceit behind the rainbow
(No, thats not true, she came crawling out from under a rock as her neck was threatening to break)
Without any effort, Insanity found forgetfulness,
Cause she had already forgotten
that they were playing hide and seek
and had decided to go for a leisurely walk.

All had been found except for love who was still hidden.
Where on earth might she be?
Insanity looked for here everywhere,
in every tree, on every hill and in every stream on earth he looked.
As he wanted to give up, Treachery helped out.
He whispered softly that Insanity should look in the rosebush.

Insanity slowly began
to part the branches of the bush
as a scream suddenly filled the air.
The thorns of the roses had scratched love's eyes

Oh what moaning and moping was to be heard,
Insanity did not know where to turn to.
He started crying and through bitter tears he vowed;
that he would never leave love's side.
And so it happened

Since that day
The first time that hide and seek was ever played on earth
Love is blind
and Insanity is her companion