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The Head Librarian

The Head of the Brown Ajah is the membership administrator for all Aes Sedai of the Browns. She watches over them, guides them, deals with administrative issues with them, keeps track of them, and settles any disputes while encouraging them to remain active and involved in the Community at large. She also facilitates the guesting experience of all Accepted both those guesting as well as those who have chosen to aspire to the Ajah. The Head of Ajah is also the person responsible for deciding when an Accepted is ready for raising to become a full member of the Ajah.

The Heart Librarian

The Heart covers for the Head when she's not around. Her job is to try and keep the Brown Ajah active. This includes posting Birthday threads, communicating with Sisters to keep them in the loop about happenings, and talking to Guests. She also moderates the Sitting Room and Chambers.

The Mind Librarian

The Mind is an unofficial position in charge of writing the Brown Ajah Bulletin every month/couple months.


The Historian is an unofficial position in charge of maintaining the Brown Library.


The Sitters serve on the Hall of the Tower, which is the main advisory board for the administration. They vote on raisings and participate in discussions regarding membership issues, including bannings, scholarship selection, and other issues as they come up.

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