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(Contact Aryawnah Sedai, the Head Green Monkey)
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'''Private email''': aryawnah@tarvalon.net<br>
'''Private email''': aryawnah@tarvalon.net<br>
'''PM''': [http://www.tarvalonforums.net/forums/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=142 click]
[[Category:Green Ajah Community]]
[[Category:Green Ajah Community]]

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<< Back to the Green HQ

Guesting with the Green Ajah

Would you like to guest with us?

All you do is send us an email. You have to send your message to greenajah@tarvalon.net. We will then send you a little form to fill out and you'll be added to the Green Sitting Room as soon as possible!

If you decided that you want to explore the other Ajahs, simply let Cealestis Sedai know and she will adjust your permissions so you can guest with the other Ajahs!

Aspiring to the Green Ajah

What do I do?

If you want to aspire to the fantabulous Green Ajah, all you need to do is contact Cealestis Sedai, and she will take the next steps with you!

Yes, that's all! Isn't that great ;).

Contact the Green VIPs

Contact Cealestis Sedai, the Head of the Green Ajah

Ajah email: greenajah@tarvalon.net

Contact Tree Sedai, the Heart of the Green Ajah

Private email: heartofthegreenajah@gmail.com

Contact Aryawnah Sedai, the Head Green Monkey

Private email: aryawnah@tarvalon.net