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The Brown Ajah at

Who we are:

If you ask 3 Browns that question, you'll get at least 4 answers. We're not sure how to summarize that essential part of ourselves that drew us to the Brown Ajah. The core value of the Brown Aes Sedai is her love of knowledge and learning. We have a desire to know more about the world around us than we did yesterday, and to share what we know with others. Ask a Brown about her passion, and you'll get more information than you ever dreamed was out there!

Some Browns seek to study whatever catches their interest, others focus solely on trying to find knowledge that has been lost, from the Age of Legends, or later. (The Great Hunt)

The Browns here at are no strangers to study. Many of us continue our education both in universities and in personal research; each finding our own niche and interests. Many of the Browns enjoy writing as well as research, several are bilingual, and we all enjoy learning from not just books but the people around us as well.

The Brown Ajah is not only about the quest for knowledge. It is also filled with Sisters, Warders, and Aspirants that are compassionate, thoughtful, and caring. We seek to learn not only about the world and history but about each other too. We are a close knit group that is calm and mellow and there is very little drama among us, unless we are rallying against a book burning of course! Many of us are quiet, and even a little shy, while others are a bit more outgoing. No matter their personality the Brown Ajah is filled with members that are kind and sincere and truly care for one another.

The Brown Ajah also has its own personal quirks and traditions. We are known for our love of cheese as well as indulging now and again in the spirit of Rum. We each have our own dust bunny that helps us to keep our books tidy, and many of the Sisters have a tendency to “Brown Out” on occasion.

If there is anything you should wish to know about, be it specific to the Brown Ajah or anything else, seek out a Brown Sister, Warder, or Aspirant as they are always willing to share the knowledge they have.

~Naomi Sedai & Laithean Sedai of the Brown Ajah~

Librarians of the Brown Ajah

Head of the Brown Ajah: Sela Sedai
Heart of the Brown Ajah: Aryela Sedai
Mind of the Brown Ajah: Laithean Sedai
Sitters of the Brown Ajah: Cealestis Sedai, Shara Sedai

Meet the Members of the Brown Ajah

Browsing Through The Brown Shelves