Brown Bulletin September 2018

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Editor: Yarrow Al'Vare


We have two new sisters to welcome to Brown. Jadira Paerael was raised to Brown on August 10th, and Tallan Daar was raised on September 21st. Welcome home, Sisters! We have waited long for you! Emote-joy.gif

Also, Eluial Sedai and Calen Gaidin of Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb bonded back in June. A belated congratulations to them both! Emote-joy.gif

September Birthdays

Happy birthday to our September babies!

Brown Outs

We usually have a brown out thread in our sitting room, but we did something quintessentially Brown: we browned out about the Brown Out Thread. This is a particularly noteworthy since we made a new brown out thread a while back and forgot to lock the old one, so we had TWO brown out threads running around our sitting room. And in true Brown style, both of them were mostly neglected. For months.

Very Important Question Time

Brown recently had a debate over a question of great importance to our age: avocado toast. It is regarded as the central example of everything that is (supposedly) wrong with the millennial generation but manages to stick around simply because it tastes so bloody good. Like, seriously, put avocado mash on locally made bread, add a high-end cheese and sell it for $6.50 at a hipster café, and you bet I’ll eat it.

Avocado Toast:
The reason millennials are ruining everything: 12%
The greatest invention since sliced bread: 40%
Meh, I don’t care: 40%
What’s avocado toast? 8%

As you can see, Brown seems to be mostly divided between thinking it’s the greatest thing ever and simply not caring, but we need more data. What do you think?