Brown Bulletin February 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – February edition

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Time for congratulations!

Big congrats to accepted Cinnamin Draconna who has decided to aspire Brown! Welcome home, Cinnamin!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our February babies!

February 15th - Sela Narian

February 22nd – Keara Careen

February 23rd - Laithean Cor'dazar

February 27th - Sean Dragoran

Tiki Drink of the Month

Arawak Coctail

1 ½ oz Jamaican rum

1 ½ oz Sweet Sherry

Dash of Bitters

Stir over ice in a mixing glass. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


Brown Poll - Sex distribution among Brown pet dustbunnies

So, February Bulletin Poll was: “My dustbunny is…”

  • Female 12% [3]
  • Male 54% [13]
  • Undefined/can't remember :look 33% [8]

Most of the dustbunnies seem to be males. Here are some name examples:

Shara: “My dustbunny is Harvey. He is nice like Harvey the Pooka, but turns into the evil bunny from The Holy Grail if your mean to me!! Who needs a warder with a dustbunny like mine!”

Darim: “His name is Dux. ^^ He conquers other worlds (mostly beneath the furniture worlds) in my name.”

Sela: “Uh, yeah. Mine's male. And he has something of an ego problem.”

Serenla: “My bunny is George. And I will hug him and love him and squeeze him....”

Keara: “Mine is definitely male, though he tends to be a bit on the androgynous side recently. I forgot his name.” (later Sela searched our archives and found out that Keara’s bunny is called sir Hopsalot).

Allin: “Boy. Herman.”

Dracaenaa: “You know I can't remember...but I think it was male...and I think I remember naming him something like Frank but I'm not sure”

Shala: “I think mine's a boy, on account of it hasn't bitten me yet for calling it Bailey.”

Kheldin: “Abulafia is a dignified chap of indeterminate age.”

Taika: “Mine's male. His name is Ezr and he's an amazing levitating dustbunny.”

And of course we can’t forget our civilized latin-speaker:

Cicero Dustbunny: “Cuniculus vir sum.”

There were also three female dustbunnies:

Miriya: “Female. Name's Verdande, which is the modern spelling of the name of one of the Fates (Norns) in Norse mythology.”

Madeleine: “My dust bunny is female and named Tayla, after a character from Stargate: Atlantis.”

Cinnamin: “My Snuffles is a girl.”

And of course the undefined/androgynous ones:

Rijomu: “I respect my bunny's privacy and don't ask it any prying questions.”

Naomi: “My dust bunny's name is Dustie but after extensive research and polling... I still don't know what Dustie's gender is. I refer to him/her by either gender pronoun, mostly at random.”

Stasia: “My bunny is an it. And I can't remember if I gave him a name ever. I got him a super long time ago. BUT! I think I have just decided on a name, because I can. My rl bunny's name is Kiki... so my dust bunny will be Kiko.”

Cassie: “Umm...I never wondered about gender, I'm just happy to have my kitty/bunny. Besides, with the confusion my choice of name has certainly instilled in the poor kitty/bunny, I don't think my kitty/bunny needs to be limited by gender.”

Laithean: “Mine is named Brunn (Brown) I know... original”

Ismene: “I um... never really thought about it, actually.”

Adolla: “Yeah me either. Dustbunnies kinda just spawn.”

Brown-outs of the month

Riley Maconnar:

“Do Freudian slips count as Brown-Outs? I told my wife the other night that we needed to leave our waitress a big tit.”

Adolla Ceryia:

“The other day I tried to put the phone in the fridge and answer the milk.”

Lillian DeMeur:

“I was looking for a check out line to get into at the store last week, and spotted a magazine cover that looked nice.....well, before I knew it, I'd looked over every magazine, and had a lady get in the line I was standing by and say, "Did I just jump ahead of you?" The only thing I could think was, “you didn't move the magazine, so what are you talking about?””

Shala Miradsu:

“I had a cough last week that was keeping me from sleeping, so when I went to bed on Tuesday I took some NyQuil. Now, unfortunately, I did NOT have 8 hours to devote to sleep, so considering that I didn't go to bed until 3 AM, that was probably a bad idea. Staying awake through my first class was a tooth-and-nail struggle, so I decided I was going to use the ten minutes between it and my next class to have a quick nap. I scooted into the room, put my head against the wall and conked out. 8 minutes later I woke up, looked around...and realized I was in the wrong room.

Class hadn't actually started yet, so I just picked up my things and slipped out as quietly as I could.”

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