Brown Bulletin August & September 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – August and September edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Hello all! Time for me to scramble for what to say again. I think we've had a lovely few months in the Brown Ajah. It's been fairly quiet though we had some lovely guests and some nice conversation going in the Halls. Lots of birthdays, a wedding and a new Aspirant! Dragon*con in September saw the Brown Ajah well represented. We had what is probably the quickest Brown party I've ever attended as we were sandwiching it in between events. Also, we had several non Browns in attendance too. All in all, a nice few months.

Time for congratulations!

We’re really happy to welcome home our newest Brown Aes Sedai, Cinnamin Draconna, who was raised at Dragon*Con this year! Congratulations, Cinn, we love you!

We also welcome Kyyri Moran who has decided to aspire Brown! YAY!

And also many congrats to Keara Careen who got married! WHEE!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our August and September babies! Lots of August birthdays in Brown!

August 5th – Darim Pelegro

August 8th – Ciaran al'Trystan

August 10th – Serenla Tamowith and Eniara Kisharad

August 24th – Rodi Leg'na Krad

August 31st – Lillian O'Neeus

September 7th – Kheldin Korlan

September 25th – Cinnamin Draconna

Tiki Drink of the Month

Blue Hawaii

1 oz. Blue Curacao, 1 oz. Rum, Splash of Sour mix & Pineapple Juice

Shake, pour over ice in Tall glass.


Brown Poll about religion - Which are you?
  • Agnostic 20% [ 5 ]
  • Atheist 8% [ 2 ]
  • Christian 40% [ 10 ]
  • Jewish 4% [ 1 ]
  • Muslim 0% [ 0 ]
  • Pagan 8% [ 2 ]
  • It’s my own business, I don’t want to share 8% [ 2 ]
  • Other, what? 12% [ 3 ]

(The other, what –category was about undecided people, not specific other religions, like say Buddhism or Hinduism)

Book review by Ismene Sedai

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I highly recommend this amazing, fast paced psychological sci-fi thriller from the very popular author of the Twilight series. This is true science-fiction, on par with Bradbury or Asimov. Meyer uses the concept of an alien and human forced to co-exist in the same body to pose questions about memory, personality and what it means to be human.

The story begins as the conquest of Earth is nearly complete. The altruistic Souls have invaded and are using most humans as "hosts" for their small, parasitic bodies.

Wanderer has taken over Melanie, her 8th host, and she finds the strong-willed personality of her host start to push through, as she starts to fall in love with the same humans her host cared about. In the meantime, a small band of humans have formed a top-secret resistance, and the society of the Souls may be changed by this particular invasion more than they ever could have anticipated. Riveting stuff, with a bit of a twist to the ending that will leave you wishing this wasn't a stand-alone book!

Brown-outs of August and September

Shara: “Ok I just had one. I only just figured out what Quote: ~poultry connoisseur~3 of 4

meant in Cassie's sig and the other three, whom I can't remember at this time. I can't believe it took me that long to catch on.”

Cariyad: “I work on the third floor of an office block. Going home the other day, I get into the lift and hit "three". Then I wonder why the doors open again. Then I realise I need to hit the "Ground" button.”

Maddie: “Darn it... I just knew I couldn't go an entire month without having a Brown Out! This morning I took the family to my favorite breakfast place. All four of us sat at the counter. At one point during our meal I turned towards my left where my husband and son were sitting and asked my son if he liked the chocolate chip pancakes I ordered him. My husband gave me a strange look and I noticed my son wasn't in his seat. That's when I remembered that just a few minutes ago I'd walked my son to the men's room to show him where it was.”

Cassie: “I was frantically looking for my phone a few minutes ago..sure that it was on the charger...when I was talking on it O_O”

Randah: “I took a bank deposit for Marty to Colonial, and it was for Regions..... I so didn't read the deposit slip and I sat in line behind 3 cars to learn this.....”

Rinnie: “I tried to cook. This might not sound like a brownout, but you've never tried my cooking. Very frightening. *shudders”

Doll: “Oh I posted this one in my LJ

I ordered some risers for the bed so we could start putting crap under it in an attempt to get rid of boxes. We've been here over a year and I'm tired of boxes. So they came today and in my childish enthusiasm I ran upstairs and took the bed apart. The bedroom is now a maze of boxsprings and mattresses. The cat is gleefully chasing balls of his own fur and walking on the upturned mattress like a balance beam. I on the other hand am not so pleased. I have just realized that queen sized beds have supports under the middle, supports that now no longer touch the floor. I'm now on my way out the door to find some sort of block to place under the support to keep the mattress from sagging. Since it's not on wheels I think I can get away with a plain block of wood.

While I have the bed apart I started picking up odds and ends that found their way under the bed. (eyes the cat) I found my missing dust jacket for my copy of The Well of Ascension, the one I took with me to Dragon Con to have signed by Brandon Sanderson. Yeah, there was a sticker on the dust jacket that said "Signed Copy. " Now don't I feel stupid. I wonder what he thought when he opened it and it was already signed.... *blush* Oh well. This proves that I'm a dork.

Thought it might be too long though.”

Ismene: “This is just a minor Brown Out, nothing dramatic. I always forget to charge my cell phone. And I'm always running out of batteries for it, or reaching for it to call somebody and... oh! Battery's dead.”

Kyyri: “I'm on a training rotation in California, sleeping on a twin size matress. Well, at home I have a queen, so needless to say it has been rough trying to get used to the change in size. So the other night, I straight up rolled right off the bed and landed hard on the floor. I was still half asleep, so I just got back up and crawled back into the bed. The next morning I awoke with a horrible pain in my right shoulder, and I couldn't even lift my arm. Turned out I had dislocated my shoulder when I feel out of bed!! Now I'm trying to get around with one arm, and the problem is that I am right handed. I can't write, and typing is a pain. And the pills they gave me make me loopy. So needless to say, I have been having brown outs left and right just because of the drugs.”

Shara: “I forgot my swimsuit bottoms in NJ”

Stasia: “I don't have a really good one, myself... but here's what I can come up with. Went through McDonald's at around 11:15 am for breakfast. The lady tells me "We're not serving breakfast, we're now serving lunch" when I try to order an egg mcmuffin. So I said, "Well, can I have hotcakes instead?"”

Riley: “I tried to put the waffle iron away in the fridge....”

Ismene: “I was turning out the lights around the house before I went to bed... and realized that I'd walked to the opposite side of my dwelling, turning off lights all the way! So, now I had to stumble to bed in the dark! And I nearly walked into a door! And as I was laying down to sleep, I thought, "Oh, wait. I could have turned the lights back on, walked to the opposite way back, turning them back off as I got closer to bed. Then I wouldn't have had to feel my way through the darkened apartment. D'oh!"”

Lilli: “the other day, I was making dinner and needed the butter, so I walked over and opened the cabinet and then wondered where I put the butter. Took me about 30 seconds to realize that it was in the fridge where it belonged.”

Doll: “I went to deposit a check after hours. I ran it through the ATM but i filled out a withdrawal slip so they took the money out of my account instead of putting it in. Fortunately they straightened it out for me. But yeah not fun!”

Taika: “I just had finally got my son to bed for his afternoon nap. So I decided to make me some coffee. I measured out the water and prepared the other stuff, while thinking about my doctoral thesis. I put the coffee machine on and took the newspaper to read some interesting article while waiting for the coffee to be ready, and when I heard the machine to stop I took a cup and poured me some, all the time reading the paper. So, after a while I took a sip..... of hot water. I had even put the filter paper in, but forgot to measure the actual coffee. I think this is so classical brown out. I was all the time thinking of important stuff (my thesis, the article) so I became really unaware of other things.”

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