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Machera, Elyas

A man encountered by Perrin and Egwene in the forest. He is a wolfbrother, with yellow eyes, and was once a Warder to Rina Hafden of the Green Ajah during the time of the Aiel War.

Macura, Ronde

A seamstress in Amadicia who tried to serve too many masters and mistresses without knowing who they all were.


In the Old Tongue, "Seeker." Title of the leader of a Tuatha'an caravan.


One of the great battles of the Trolloc Wars. The victory of humankind here began the long push that finally drove the Trollocs back into the Blight. See also Great Blight, Trolloc Wars.


A nation, once one of the Borderlands, now consumed by the Blight. The sign of Malkier was a golden crane in flight. See also Lan Mandragoran.


In the Old Tongue, "Blade."


One of the Ten Nation that made the Second Covenant, which is also the capital city of the nation. Both city and nation were utterly destroyed in the Trolloc Wars. The sign of Manetheren was a red eagle in flight. See also Trolloc Wars, Covenant of the Ten Nations.


The capital city of Saldaea.


In the Old Tongue, "those who must be leashed," and also "one who must be leashed." The term applied by the Seanchan to any woman capable of channeling who has not been collared as a damane. See also damane.

Master of the Lances

See Lance-Captain.

Master of the Horse

See Lance-Captain.

Mat Cauthon

A young man, from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers district of Andor, who is ta'veren, and is also extremely lucky. Full name: Matrim Cauthon.


City-state on the Sea of Storms, hemmed in and historically oppressed by Tear. The ruler of Mayene is styled the First, which title was once First Lord or Lady; Firsts claim to be descendants of Artur Hawkwing. The banner of Mayene is a golden hawk in flight on a field of blue.

Mazrim Taim

A man who raised havoc in Saldaea until he was defeated and captured, although he later escaped, apparently with the aid of some of his followers. Not only is he able to channel, but of great strength, he is now M'Hael of the Asha'man. See also Asha'man, Black Tower.


Lord of House Mendiana and a High Lord of Tear. A competent general, but a man of ambitions and hates. See also High Lords of Tear.


A Wise One of the Jhirad sept of the Goshien Aiel. A dreamwalker. Moderately strong in the One Power. Married to Bael, clan chief of the Goshien, and sister-wife to Dorindha, Roofmistress of Smoke-Springs Hold.


A Maiden of the Spear, of the Jumai sept of the Shaido Aiel. A woman of divided loyalties.


In the Old Tongue, "the Brotherless." The name adopted, as a society, by those Aiel who abandoned their sept and clan and went to the Shaido because they could not accept Rand al'Thor, a wetlander, as the Car'a'carn, or because they refused to accept his revelations concerning the history and origins of the Aiel. Deserting clan and sept for any reason is anathema among the Aiel, therefore there own warrior societies among the Shaido were unwilling to take them in, and they formed this society, the Brotherless.


A measure of distance equal to one thousand spans. Four miles make one league.


A young woman with the ability to read things about people in the auras and images she sometimes sees surrounding them. See also Rand al'Thor.

Moiraine Damodred

An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, born into the then-reigning House of Cairhien, who vanished into a ter'angreal in Cairhien while battling Lanfear, apparently killing both herself and the Forsaken. Since she had already located the Dragon Reborn and killed Be'lal, she is already looked upon as one of those near-mythical sisters who are held as legendary heroes. See also Forsaken.


In the Old Tongue, "handler." Among the Seanchan, it is used for those who handle exotics, such as morat'raken, a raken handler or rider, also informally called a flier. See also der'morat.


Queen Morgase of House Trakand: By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Trakand. Now in exile and believed dead, murdered by the Dragon Reborn, or so many think. Her sign is three golden keys. The sign of House Trakand is a silver keystone.

Moria Karentanis

An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.


Creatures of the Dark One, commanders of the Trollocs. Twisted offspring of Trollocs in which the human stock used to create the Trollocs has resurfaced, but tainted by the evil that made the Trollocs. They have no eyes, but can see like eagles in light or dark. They have certain powers stemming from the Dark One, including the ability to cause paralyzing fear with a look and to vanish wherever there are shadows. Among Myrddraal's known weaknesses is that they are reluctant to cross running water. Mirrors reflect them only mistily. In different lands they are known by many different names, among them Halfman, the Eyeless, Shadowman, Lurk, Fetch, and Fade.