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*nandi2 - bites $nick on the forehead
*nandi2 - bites $nick on the forehead
*nyavene - makes $text disappear in a blackhole of innocence
*nyavene - makes $text disappear in a blackhole of innocence
*outtamyhead - Bela starts singing a random song
*sandwich - turns $nick into a sandwich.
*sandwich - turns $nick into a sandwich.
*seen - lists the last time $nick was seen and their recent aliases
*seen - lists the last time $nick was seen and their recent aliases

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Bela's commands can be used by starting a line of chat with ! followed by the command. For example, if you were to type "!ahmyra Rand", you would see "Bela snuggles Rand profusely".

  • a'dam - clamps an a'dam around $nick's neck with a satisfying click. "You're coming with me."
  • ahmyra - snuggles $nick profusely
  • aryawnah - shivs $nick in the kidney
  • autumn - Bela wraps $nick up in yarn and hangs 'em from the ceiling.
  • balefire - shoots $nick with a bar of Balefire.
  • bela - I think $nick is in love with me.
  • brown - Brown: Getting away with everything since 200 A.B.
  • brown2 - What can Brown do for you?
  • bubbles - Look! Bubbles!
  • cat - pushes $name off of the sofa and looms them like a cat.
  • celsius OR c2f - Enter celsius and get fahrenheit
  • dance - jumps up and dances across the room with $nick, singing, "We can dance if we want to! We can leave your friends behind! 'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine!"
  • darkside - random darkside comments
  • defen - throws $nick out the window
  • dollar - hollas
  • ebona - Naked is always preferable, except when it's snowing.
  • eli - patpats $nick
  • eli2 - Bela flicks marshmallows at $nick
  • eye - licks $nick's eye.
  • fahrenheit OR f2c - Enter fahrenheit and get celcius
  • fish - slaps $nick around a bit with a large tuna
  • google - link to Google search entered
  • hohoho - Santa!
  • jeryn - You lie! YOU LIIIEEEEEEE!
  • kerna - Get back to work, $name!
  • laralelle - I'm sweet and innocent, remember?
  • lia - Snugglestabs $nick and goes back to lurking in the shadows. >:
  • library - link to Library topic entered
  • lyara - Nurse Sedai puts a bandaid on $nick's booboo.
  • lyoness - Rrraurr! The lovely Lyoness throws lollipops to everyone in the room!
  • mc - random minecraft comments
  • mejjad - :)
  • miridyth - slaps $nick for being too long gone from Chat.
  • mychael - gives $nick an extra kidney
  • nandi - bites $nick on the forehead and wanders off to the sekrit closet
  • nandi2 - bites $nick on the forehead
  • nyavene - makes $text disappear in a blackhole of innocence
  • outtamyhead - Bela starts singing a random song
  • sandwich - turns $nick into a sandwich.
  • seen - lists the last time $nick was seen and their recent aliases
  • sela - Goodbye $nick in absentia.
  • shark - takes a bite out of $nick
  • sock - I am like a pair-less sock, lost on the wind of times, wandering...wandering...wandering forever........
  • soldier - $nick tries to wield a sword like a Warder and stabbities their own foot...
  • streak - streaks through chat
  • tdo - $nick, TDO is gone, long live me!
  • teal - Teal, the perfect combination of Green and Blue!
  • thori - throws peeps at random people.
  • thumbsup - tries to give $nick a thumbs up, but realizes she doesn't have any thumbs...
  • wb - Welcome back, $nick!
  • whale - hits $nick with a very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY large whale.
  • white - Involves the logic stick and either taking it out or hitting others with it.
  • wiki - link to Wikipedia topic entered
  • wil - $name starts to say something....then gets distracted.....decides to just sit down and read a book.
  • wild - A wild $nick appeared!
  • wilin - Chucks a pie at $nick
  • yell - yells
  • zasha - punches $name in the face!