Amyrlin's Tournament 2013

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There were three events in the Amyrlin's Tournament at Twelfth Anni

Following the preliminary events Ivanor Winshaw and Alanar Tansden were tied in first place. After an ill-fated bout of leg wrestilng, the title went to Ivanor following his victory in Rock, Paper, Scissors.


  1. Alanar Tansden
  2. Locus Sarania
  3. Kyla Sterling
  4. Shendare Doanshar
  5. Ivanor Winshaw
  6. Alcyon Devrix
  7. Alerus Federov
  8. Verscen Ter Sala


An Archery competition was held. Thirty people participated.

1 Stasia t'Andrei
2 Ivanor Winshaw
3 Alcyon Devrix
4 Emerylde ní Róhan
5 Alanar Tansden , Caerwyn Jolan
7 Nick
8 Wil Cambrae
9 Verscen Ter Sala
10 Shendare Doanshar, Alerus Federov
12 Eli Soljourn (Championed by Venric Methalion)
13 Aavyn Eirinon, Roheryn Galghandhrei
15 Ajailyn Morrivinna, Roheryn Galghandhrei
17 Emory Sheldon
18 Locus Sarania, Mashiara Al'Kama
20 Anika Forsyn, Karen, Katniss (Vivianna L'antreau in disguise)
23 Kyla Sterling, Kitan Tataru
25 Azi al'Thone, Kessa Toireann, Skaya Tristian
28 Enya Tawarwaith
29 Tim
30 Atreyu


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Kyla Sterling won the Trivia portion of the Amyrlin's tournament participants