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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Amaresu is one of the Heroes of the Horn of Valere. In battle, she uses the Sword of the Sun as her weapon (ACoS, Ch. 21).

When Egwene is a prisoner in the White Tower, Nicola tells the other novices stories about her that make her seem like a "combination of every legendary sister in the histories, along with Birgitte Silverbow and Amaresu herself, carrying the Sword of the Sun into battle." (KoD, Ch. 24)

The story of Amaresu could be a real-world reference to Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun.


  • Although her name is not directly mentioned at the time, we learn later that she took part in the battle against the Seanchan at Falme (TGH, Ch. 47; ACoS, Ch. 21). When Mat realizes that Birgitte is actually a hero out of legend, he recalls the battle at Falme, and remembers seeing Amaresu, with the Sword of the Sun glowing in her hands (ACoS, Ch. 21).


"I have seen you murmur that you fear his [Rand's] madness, but all the while you forget that every breath you breathe--every step you take--comes at his forbearance. Your life is a gift from the Dragon Reborn, Gambler. Twice over." (Amaresu to Mat, AMoL, Ch. 39).

"Blood and bloody ashes. Even dead women treated him the way Nynaeve did. Where did they learn it? Were there secret lessons?" (Mat about Amaresu, AMoL, Ch. 39).