A Crown of Swords: Chapter 2

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The Butcher's Yard

Author: Toral Delvar

Characters: Amys, Kiruna, Min, Perrin, Rand, Sorilea, Taim

Setting: Dumai's Wells

Point of view: Perrin

On his way to Rand, Perrin broods over having led nineteen more Two Rivers men to their deaths along with all the others who died, especially the Maidens. Kiruna advises him to kill the ravens which are feasting on the corpses, as they could be spies, but he replies that it would be difficult and pointless because the Asha'man are exhausted. He reprimands her for disobeying his instructions to stay out of the battle, but she angrily counters that she needed to be in danger in order to act due to the restrictions of the Three Oaths.

Rand and his entourage join them. Taim and Sorilea both say that they should be given care of the Aes Sedai. Perrin is shocked to realize they are including those who swore fealty. Rand orders them to be silent: Taim smells of fury, Amys and Sorilea smell of determination. Rand gives all of the Aes Sedai into the care of the Wise Ones, telling Taim that the Asha'man have more important things to do. Kiruna tries to argue, but Rand simply yells at her, saying that she swore fealty and he expects her to obey. Bera forcefully asks him to accept Healing, but he commands Alanna to Heal him instead. The Aes Sedai then leave with the Wise Ones.

Afterwards, Taim insists that Rand should have an honor guard. Rand has already agreed to four Soldiers and four Dedicated, but Taim says he should have an Asha'man. Rand randomly chooses Dashiva, unsure of his choice until Taim tries to talk him out of it. Later, Perrin tells Rand that he will oppose him if the Aes Sedai are not well treated. They learn that Taim has adopted the title "M'Hael", or "leader" in the Old Tongue. Dashiva makes a gateway for them to Travel to Cairhien.

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