2007 Official Events

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Several Events were held in 2007

Anniversary Party

Main article: Anniversary Party 2007

Held in Denver, Colorado on March 16-19 with 83 attendees.

Aussie Party

Main article: Aussie Party 2007

Held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on April 5-12 with 7 attendees.

Summer Euro Party

Main article: Summer Euro Party 2007

Held in Driebergen, The Netherlands on 10-12 August, 2007 with 34 attendees.


Main article: Dragon*Con 2007

Held in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31 - September 3 with 23 Tower member attendees.

Fall Ball

Main article: Fall Ball 2007

Held on a Cruise from Los Angeles, California to Ensenada, Mexico on October 12-15 with 25 attendees.